Removing gate restrictions in Casual Server

Hello everyone, the casual server is a server where there is not limits. So I thinks the devs removing gates restrictions in the Casual server only. :)

If this feature is unnecessary, a mod can close this.

Well, why is this really necessary. This will just look like a mess and they have added the gate restrictions for a reason. Even on the Casual server. There is a point, especially for new users. 👍


Casual server is not meant to be orderly. casual is the place where you have a Lukla A380 landing competition.
If there aren’t supposed to be rules enforced? Why are there gate restrictions?


I see your point. It isn’t a restriction though. It will look clearer for any new users when they start their flights in Infinite Flight, and others using the Causal server daily.


Restrictions is literally what it’s called. If pilots want to be professional, they can move up the ranks. Most pilots will only spend a small amount of time in casual server, while others use it to have some fun.

I personally know that I like to take a fighter out in the alps and have some fun every once and a while.


Yep, sorry. My mistake. It is a restriction. 🤦‍♂️

Personally, I wouldn’t be comfortable with this feature since we should be encouraging new players how to play realistically, even on casual server.

Indeed, but if some of these want to landing, takeoff an A380 in Lukla airport ?😄

Then you can fly from somewhere else. Don’t forget to vote for your own request.

I am bringing this idea back up because I used to make nice flights in Cessna Citation X in a Echo airport but since the last update I can’t. Casual server is casual server so I think we shouldn’t have any thing unable to do that are restricted in the two others servers.

I understand the importance of making new users directly in the good realistic way but we have two « realistic server » and a « casual ».

If people are making flights with the head downside I don’t know why I can’t use big planes at Echo airport. Some Echo IF-airports could even receive real life Delta trafic I am sure.

Don’t forget to vote for your own request.

Thanks devs for removing gates restrictions in CS with the 20.1 update.👍

Feel free to close this:)

@Thunderbolt, sorry I don’t have a free vote left.

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