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Hey guys, this may sound extremely unbelievable and just downright unfair, but here’s the thing. I was flying as BA155 from EGLL to HECA today on a 787-9, and had left my iPad on charge as the aircraft cruised. However, my younger brother just picked it up and decided to fly it for some reason (despite me asking him not to), and the aircraft stalled and went into a dive, obviously exceeding the airspeed limits. I was reported and of course the violation was noted too. The circumstances were beyond my control, and I was aiming to get to Grade 4 within two weeks. I really need help here :( Anything I can do?



It does seem that you were in error and that the report will stand. Ultimately, those events were in your control. You left the device in reach of someone you, doubtlessly, knew may cause an issue.

However, you may get in contact with the controller who reported you or message @reports. They’ll handle your issue. As you’ve just joined the forums, you can not privately message users or groups. Do you know who the controller was so they may be tagged here and have them contact you?


As it is “pilot” error, it should be your responsibility to make sure that your brother doesn’t touch the device.

The violations will not be removed, as they were not handed out as a glitch or fault of Infinite Flight.

However, you can go into your logbook and find your controller. We can get you set up with him or her and maybe get your ghosting removed.

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I do not see a report on your profile. I see one single violation.



With the information Chris has provided, you will be able to rank up to that Grade 4 you’re aiming for in exactly 7 days.

Information on the interpretation of your grade table can be found below at the attached link.

The screenshot below specifically highlights that you must never have more than zero violations to obtain and maintain Grade 4.

In future, I advise keeping your iPad away from anything (or anyone) that may interrupt your flight. You will still be able to reach Grade 4 within your desired two weeks, so long as no further mishaps occur.



Good news is that violations only last a week. You’ll be good to go in no time

thank you :)

I’ll try to find out and let him/her know. Thanks.