Removed X-Plane 10 demo from my computer, My Airport is now gone??

I was doing KCON (Concord Municipal), and I deleted the game, because It took so much space on my laptop, and I needed to free some space (I don’t even use it). When I go back to WED, My airport is no longer there. What should I do? I don’t know if this should go on Developer, So thats why its on General, and all the hard work was deleted :(

btw, if I redownloaded the game, it would take 8 hrs (not joking) to download. My wifi sucks

You need to have the game to use WED I believe.

I never really use it though. I thought you didn’t need the game to do it. Guess I was wrong then :/

It probably removed all files during uninstall. Just start over.


This discussion should be on Slack.

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I guess so…