Removed liveries

I want to ask why did they remove the old liveries on 777. Old air Canada, old cathay pacific are removed. You can just keep the old air Canada when you add a new one. Before there were 2 cathay Pacifics now you removed one.
Why, you can just keep both of them. It is better to have more liveries. There are many old liveries on older planes. Example: old American and old united

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And to add looks like the Aeroflot livery is now white instead of silver

And the Qatar oneworld

It’s because they have some kind of limit on how many liveries they can have. Each livery takes storage, space etc.

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I think they should find some other way to fix storage problems not deleting liveries

Take a look at this reply for better clarification on why liverys were removed:


Other topics have covered why old liveries have been removed.