Remove Vios for Military Aircraft flying at Military Airports on ES

Reposting here in Features (apologies being a noob the idea was posted in General):
I know there are no restrictions on CS for acrobatics in airport airspaces. I also know speed restrictions have been lifted on ES.
However, may I propose that acrobatics restrictions be removed at military airports airspace (or at least some select airports) on ES and TS?
This will enable:
Teams to fly formations doing manoeuvres
With proper use of ATC! Which is important for use of Flight of 2, 3, 4 etc and enable ATC to properly control airspace for different teams
Teams can put on airshows and we can get cool videos of formation flights for evaluation (and ranking maybe)
Military pilots will be encouraged to be more pro
Can we get some votes for this?

On Expert Server Violation Restrictions at Bases: I think this would reduce the amount of trolls in air shows and bring in a more better audience. I thought of a 2015 or 16 airshow I performed in and there were random people flying into show center. However, it could bring up some debatable situations

I think this could be part of a general feature for ES, I.e. Atc can set costum violations/restrictions (including also a feature I saw not long ago here, concerning the possible exception in some cases of the 250kts rule).
However nice request, sadly out of votes :-/

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