Remove violation

Is there a way I can remove my violation

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After checking the SS the violations seems to be pretty old. With this scenarios I don’t think there is anyway out to get rid of them unless the completion of Year.



Violations can only be appealed for a maximum of seven days after they have been issued. After this time, it’s not possible to appeal the violation.

If any of your Level 2/3 violations have been issued very recently (less than a week ago), feel free to contact @appeals with your replay file handy if you feel they were wrongly issued.

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Just like Varun and Sooraj have said. Violations can only be appealed for a maximum of 7 days after being issued with one.

If you feel you were given the violation without any reason or it was wrongly issued please contact @appeals with the following information only if it was within 7 days of getting them.

  • Replay. You can export it and share it using
  • Any screenshots that can help your case.
  • Any other information that can help the appeals team members with your violation reversal.

Please also note the following. Appeals reserve the right to not reverse violations for any reasons.

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