Remove Unnecessary ATC calls on training server.

So my feature request is to remove unnecessary ATC calls on the Training server. These are completely unnecessary for the training server because they are not used also this can confuse New controllers. A example is check ATIS for information but there is no ATIS this just makes controllers confused.

I see your point on the reference to ATIS.
Any other instructions you see that are not needed?

I on the other hand feel that a “runway closed” command should be added because I find a lot of times when I’m controlling my home airport pilots don’t see that specific runways are in red so I want to tell them , so they vector to the opposite end where it’s green or possibly yellow


Runway closed means it must be closed on both end. You got option to give pattern instructions, check atis/airfield info, if he still doesn’t follow instructions You can’t do much.

@azeeuwnl maybe some like no international departures.

There isn’t a no international departure one to my knowledge…

We dont have this instruction in IF.

We do have ‘no intersection departures’, which can be handy, but I agree that it would probably not a great miss if we don’t have this on TS.

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I also think comands like that are a bit harder to enforce when there isn’t an ATIS, since Pilots don’t know that till you have to yell at them…

As much as I do see what you mean Vis a Vis the ATIS, I used it whenever someone requested taxi to a runway that was on a tailwind so they check the METAR and realise they shouldn’t be taxiing to that runway.

It worked 99% of the time, I know you shouldn’t do it but it worked. Most of the time it stops them from just ignoring you and taxiing there anyway

Sorry I meant to say no intersection departures my bad