Remove Transaero Airbus A380

For realism it would be nice to have it removed, since Transaero doesnt have them and they don’t even exist anymore.

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Who cares? I think it’s good to have a variety of liveries. You don’t have to fly it, and I almost never see them on Live, so imo I don’t think it really matters.


Does that mean we remove the FDS liveries since they don’t exist? 😢


You’d better not do this… 😓


Actually that is a good point.


And Air Austral.


Pointless. Unless you tell me that the livery takes up some kind of a server space and should be removed to make space for new liveries, no.


Never, why would you do this if you have a PAN AM Livery, a completely outdated Air Canada & KLM livery. You should not do this. No, no, no, no and no.


Why? We have many other old liveries and some fictional like that one, the air austral and a UPS A330…so if you want the Transaero livery to be removed, so let’s do the same thing with the liveries in the 747-200 (except the Iran Air because is currently in use) some of the 767s like KLM and AF and the FDS liveries too, the same with other here.


Also the United 747. We still have it even though United stopped using them.

Ohh never knew thanks for clearing that up.

Why was this moved to general?

Maybe didn’t fitted in features, since it’s not a livery request or something similar…

This is a feature to remove a livery.

@SaV They ordered the Airbus A380, 4 of them, so that must count.

Plus, why remove a livery that some people still fly in?

I don’t understand these “remove unrealistic liveries” topics. Juts because it is not realistic, means that is must be removed.

Soon, someone will request the same thing for the 747-8i.

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Well, FDS put in the Malev livery for the Dash.
Malev was the national airline of Hungary. I has been shut I think about 2 years before the release of the Dash update! Despite this, they’ve included this livery! I was very surprised, but very happy and proud at the same time!
I don’t want them to remove it and I mean it!

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FDS remove the Space Shuttle
and will keep Transaero in A380?
Who has fly those aircrafts sincerely ?

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I don’t understand?

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Me either…

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Well, some people have. I don’t know who, but I’m sure people still fly it.