Remove throttle cut

So I want throttle cut to be taken out especially for the Singapore region and south Florida region. I was being vectored this morning into WMKK (expert server) and had been vectored out of the region for the ils 14L approach. I was vectored so far out that my throttle had cut and I ended up leaving because I didn’t have enough altitude to maintain a steady speed.

No more throttle cut would be great for expert server maybe not the training servers or casual servers as they would abuse it and fly really far out the region but on expert if the approach takes us out of the region our throttle shouldn’t be cut.

Another example would be KTPA where sometimes the approach can take you quite far out of the region.

Hope this can be sorted out for global or maybe a bit before



Don’t forget solo!

Global is coming so this issue would be solved then!just hang in there


I know what you mean. I was vectored and it goes way out of the region.

There is about 10NM of padding around the regions before the throttle cut takes effect - if you’re being vectored too far out, contact your controller and give them feedback. Throttle cut will act differently in global flight so not much action will be taken on this thread.