Remove the mask of the Infinite Flight A380

Simple request: get rid of that mask. Infinite Flight liveries are pretty interesting to fly, except for the A380 one. I like everything about the A380 livery, from the carbon fiber-looking black to the line of flags on the fuselage. Except for that mask. It’s incredible how such a tiny feature absolutely ruined what should be a great livery for me

Here’s a loading screen taken during Beta testing for when the update dropped showing off how much better it looks without the mask:

oh jogos, oh jogos, will anything make you happy 😂


Nah. I think the mask looks great on the A380. Makes it feel more like an Airbus


the mask looks great on the A380


What even is the mask?


I don’t fly the A380 as much as I fly the A330 series or A350, so I haven’t noticed it. But I can see your point.

it looks so good

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Ya no. Not my favorite!

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I kind of like it

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The mask looks cool…. makes it look like an A380neo

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