Remove the Free Camera Range Limitation

While following my plane with the Free Camera it suddenly stops after 20 seconds or so and i hit an invisible wall (the faster i fly the faster this happens), then i can only look around or move back, there seems to be some kind of limitation on how far you can move the free camera from the start point. I would love to see it removed. So my request is to increase the range of the free cameras movement, its called free camera after all.
Has anyone else experienced this limitation ?

Yes, there is a limitation

I hate it as well, as soon as I get into the right position to take a cool screen shot then it stops, I definitely think it should be removed, and the only limit for the free cam should be a certain altitude like 50,000 feet. Just a suggestion…

Well then, I don’t believe there is a feature request for it to be removed. If you have it that much, why don’t you make a feature?

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The limitation may be due to the scenery surrounding your aircraft in a certain radius that has been downloaded.

The free camera won’t move any further after being over 1 mile away from the aircraft. There is a developer camera (see below) that has the ability to move anywhere, but I don’t think that will make into into a release. Not really needed.

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ok, i could understand the 1 mile radius around the plane but then it should at least refresh this radius according to the changing position of the aircraft , i would like to be able to follow my plane for more than a few seconds

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