Remove the 250kts Violation | Advanced Server |

Everyone knows what this violation is. What it does is prevent players from using large speeds under 10000ft.

It may have it’s uses for helping approaches or just controlling those stupid ️️Players. But it seems quite silly for some of us. Don’t you just get so annoyed when you just takeoff and you needs on reduce your speed back to under 250 it’s just irritating!

I believe this violation can continue on the ATC playground but not on the advanced.
People are sensible on Advanced and should know not to use high speed when about to land. Anyway ATC can ghost and request speeds for players so it would be quite controlled.

What do you believe? Should this happen? vote below

  • Yes, this should happen
  • No keep the violation running on Advanced

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This is a real world restriction. I don’t see why it should be removed.


The main point is the takeoff, landing I thought would be a problem but it just seems hard to takeoff nicely some times.

Especially with larger aircraft. You get me now?

There’s no chance that this would ever be taken out.

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I swear we just talked about this the other day. It’s a real world limit and why do you have to be going over it on approach or take off typically I’m 10 kts under it in take off and 50 under it on approach.


Yeah but aircraft are able to go over 250 kts if atc says it’s ok so

really, so I could go 300kts under 10000ft if the ATC says maintain best forward speed or increase speed to …

Yeah pretty much however if atc says maintain best forward speed I’m pretty sure the rule still applies. I think if atc says maintain something like 270 kts under 10,000 feet then you are able to

He’s talking about in real life

I don’t understand. Rephrase that please.

If where discussing this as the game, when the controller asks you to line up and wait runway … Or hold position on the runway. I believe the runway idle violation doesnt not effect you.

What I’m saying is that this is like other way of avoiding the 250kts violation. ATC will get you out of the violation.

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The 250 under 10000ft rule applies regardless of what ATC says unless explicitly told that you can disregard the restriction (e.g. “250kt restriction waived”, " no speed limit", “unrestricted climb approved”, etc). Unless those options are added, there is no way this will be removed.


New idea…add advanced ATC command to eliminate violations at a specific player for a specific time

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The 250 limit is there for a reason, just slow down, you can’t clean up a heavy 747 until 270, so you’ll have to wait until above FL100. It also prevents some speed demons just buzzing everyone at 1000 knots.

Interesting… maybe if the commands AR_AR stated were implemented; then this might come with it. But I don’t foresee this anytime soon. Or at all…

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Yea I do agree matey, I find the violation is a good restriction for those “speed demons” but as said before it’s mainly focusing on the takeoff point of view

I don’t see why you would exceed 250 knots for takeoff, I usually climb out around 195-215 knots. You don’t need to firewall the throttle for every takeoff.


If the violation is removed, no more live for me. It only encourages nimrodery and ruins the feel of flying in a near-realistic environment. Would be a huge disappointment if the devs supported this


Not remove it but on advanced atc can remove the restriction for you if there is no traffic. Also for approach and it’s a bit crowded atc can tell you to “come in fast” so you don’t get in the way of someone else