Remove TBM-930 AP disconnect sound from non TBM aircraft

The TBM-930 autopilot disconnect sound is this horrible, super high pitched and loud beep-beep sound effect that makes my ears bleed every time I hear it.

It is fine on the TBM-930 for realism’s sake, but for all other aircraft it would be great for the sake of my ears for the AP disconnect sound to be replaced by either no sound effect (how it was originally) or the sound effect of a Boeing or Airbus aircraft

The aircraft currently using the TBM-930 autopilot disconnect sound:
CRJ family
DC10 family
MD11 family

With this aircraft specifically, I know a majority of its operators use what we would call the ‘Boeing sound pack’. Sitting in Row 1 is awesome for that reason - hearing the GPWS callouts as a passenger is pretty cool.

Overall though, I would 100% agree, but am otherwise unable to spare a vote for this. If we could use what we have and pick the closest one - it won’t be perfect by any means, but it’s better than nothing.


100% agree! I much prefer the Boeing sound over these.

I was flying the CL35 into Uluru on the weekend and disconnected the A/P on approach. I had headphones on and was NOT expecting the noise. Nearly jumped out of my seat! 😂


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