Remove Remaining in the Pattern from the 1st option panel

Remove the Remaining in the Pattern option when a pilot goes to the menu for a takeoff. (Make it as one in the Departing menu)

The menu should be like

  • Request Takeoff
  • Runway xx
  • Departing Straight out
  • Remaining in the Pattern
  • East
  • West
  • North
  • South

(If still you can’t understand, check the picture below - Photoshopped)

After the user selects the runway they were assigned to, this screen should appear

Side Note - Not necessarily in the same order.

Jan Uhren thought that users may be lazy so they ask for “Remaining in the Pattern”. I thought why don’t we make all in one screen?

Thanks for Simon W for allowing me.


Nice idea, would surely eliminate at least some of those who request remaining in the pattern but have no intention of doing so

Maybe make straight out on the top, because most pilots use that and some may accidentally click pattern.

yes that would be a great help.

Please! I hate it when people say that they will be remaining in the pattern but are actually just doing a flight.

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Max Sez… This is not a menu problem. This is a professional knowledge gained problem! Spare the rod spoil the child. A Pilot matriculation program/system needs to be developed and implemented. A Pilots Licensing
approach may be the answer!

its partly a menu problem though as it currently is easier to select remaining in pattern rather than look for another option. By having a slight shuffle would mean that new pilots would be presented by more options and so would have to think a bit more about which button to press. Surely that would help them learn as well as cause less frustration to ATC?

Max, you’re right. But before having all pilots at that level of knowledge, changing the menu according to the above proposal would reduce the misuse of “remaining in the pattern” dramatically. I definitely support this proposal.

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@David_Lockwood… Max Sez, “Frustrated Controller”; it’s a personality thing, LOL! “Inshal’Allah”

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