Remove Next Waypoint with timeout

A pretty simple one. Have you ever tried taking the perfect cruise photo of your aircraft only to have it ruined by the pink lettering at the top telling you your next waypoint is in 1min or you are have reached a waypoint? What I would like to see is those messages being hidden when you have the interface of your screen timed out. Currently the message lingers for nearly the full minute in advance of hitting a waypoint and when you are on in some of the denser waypoint areas of your flight plan you have it constantly at the top of your screen ruining any screenshot of your flight that you want to take.

Well, seems like a reasonable idea. But this would just save the estimated 10 seconds it takes to crop the photo.


Isn’t it possible for turn off flight path vector messages in the when you press the “system” button?

That’s only for flight path vector and no the message;)

Happens to me every time, I just crop it out.


I think the original purpose of this feature was to remind you to turn your AP heading selector to the next wpt before global when there was no NAV mode to turn for you. Now that we have NAV, this isn’t really needed anymore and just gets in the way, like you mentioned above. I’d like to see this removed as well, just isn’t at the top of the to-do list for me :)


It would be 20x easier if you just crop it out. :)


Unless you’re flying a CRJ and gives you a heads up to make next leg active to minimize over correction turns :)

It’s just you look at the map before you get to the waypoint to do the screen capture

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It’s called I’d like to get a turning picture


Like people have said, crop it