Remove fighter jets from below grade 3

I’m not sure what the opinion would be on this one.

For as long as I remember, people have been trolling on the training server using fighter jets. It’s only ever trolls using them. It’s really frustrating as a pilot and as ATC when you have these people causing an absolute nuisance on the server.

I know restricting fighter jets to grade 3+ wouldn’t eradicate the issue of trolling, but I feel like it’d help.

I just think it’s quite a bad experience on the training server as it is and for those who join IF with the intention of a realistic flight simulator experience, they aren’t getting it and it may deter them from working their way up to grade 3 - and this seems like the simplest step towards it.

What is everyone’s thoughts?

I understand from a dev perspective this would require some work as I believe there isn’t currently code to restrict aircraft by grade.

Open to discussion - does anyone else have any ideas on how to reduce trolling on the training server?



For one thing, grade means nothing. We see Grade 1s who act really professional and are well-behaved and we see Grade 5s who act like complete idiots.

So restricting fighter jets to Grade 3 and above wouldn’t solve the problem that much.

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to reduce the trolling on Training Server - we just have to accept it I’m afraid.


Unfortunately there isn’t really much of a way to reduce it because… it’s training server


I agree - it’s a challenge. It’s just unbearable to train in - no one wants to respect instructions in the slightest - I’m trying to practice ATC but it’s very difficult because it’s hard to distinguish aircraft to ignore and aircraft to handle. I’m not sure what the solution is to be honest.

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The solution to this is training at smaller airports. Not KLAX, EGLL, etc…where all the trolls are…

Are you controlling at the large airports? KLAX, EGLL, KJFK, etc…

I’ll try to find pilots willing to join me to help me practice ATC at a smaller airport. Thank you!

You can get closer to @Yukiros_31, he has a server to do ATC sessions ;)

Are you looking to become an IFATC controller?

Providing you meet application criteria, put in an application.

A recruiter will contact you. You will need to pass a written exam and a practical test.

For the written, study the IFATC guide - pattern entries, sequences, landing clearances, takeoff clearances, transitions, pattern traffic, etc. Take the practice exams, keep taking the practice exams until you’re consistently passing them, then take the written exam.

Upon passing the written, ask your recruiter for a trainer for the practical. Your trainer will work with you in private training sessions on a private training server. This is the best environment to learn. During the training sessions, IFATC members volunteer to fly and you will be providing IFATC members with ATC instruction in a controlled learning environment.

Unfortunately, the training server really isn’t the best place for ATC training. It is a good place to get acquainted to ATC commands, ATC command menu, etc. When flying on expert server, you may find it helpful to fly into an airport with ATC, park in a corner, tune into tower and follow along as an observer.


Thanks for such a great response. I really appreciate it!

I’ve applied for ATC and meet the minimum operations thanks to doing ATC a long time ago when it was mainly hobbyists on IF. I wasn’t aware there were private training servers - that helps a lot!

I will definitely request a trainer and see how I go.

Thanks again for your response - it means a lot!

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Feel free to reach out to me via DM on the Discord server - if you need help, such as pilots to fly at a smaller airport on training server, or questions, I’d be happy to assist.


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I like your idea. Whether it would turn out to be ideal or not is open to question as you stated. But It’s freshly creative. I could immediately identify with where you’re coming from.

I definitely would not reject it out right. What you suggest earns a privilege, for something desired which could be seen as a tool of some mischief.

Sure, one might argue the minus’s along with the plus’s.

But personally I appreciate the originality of your suggestion.

5 stars for thinking outside the box.


Thanks Adit. I have been racking my brain. We need the training server to be accessible as everyone deserves the chance to fly with ATC, but it’s a shame that in a similar fashion to VATSIM getting overrun by simmers that treat it as a game when the new MSFS was released, that people come and screw around.

It’s not the novices that bother me - everyone has to learn and sometimes that means a few extra on guard warnings, or reminders to follow ATC instructions…it’s just those that choose to fly on training instead of casual and just screw around with people who want to simulate a real world flight that bothers me!

I’ll keep thinking and maybe some others have some ideas too - that’s the power of community!

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I can think of some possible downsides too. But it’s an interesting point for discussion.

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I still encounter users who screw around and troll on expert server, but there’s much less of it – and there are repercussions for not following ATC at IFATC controlled airports.

I’m lenient and will always try to issue warnings, refer to ATC guide, etc., before reporting a violation unless a pilot does something which creates an imminent safety issue (i.e. taxiing onto runway without permission with landing aircraft on short final).

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