Remove Edit Limit For Events

I understand that there is no need for a lot of edits on most posts except for events. If a lot of people sign up in a short amount of time, you’re quickly out of edits. Then you have to PM a moderator, who isn’t always available, and takes a lot longer. Now you have all these people waiting for their name to be tagged, and it can get so bad that you forget about some people who signed up and they can’t come. As you can see, things can get chaotic fast.
My idea is to remove the edit limit for events. This would avoid all that chaos. Event sign ups would be a lot smoother.
Thanks for reading!


This may be something on this discourse side of things, so the moderators might have no control over this until discourse does something

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This is a discourse limitation. If we find a solutions we will let you know.


Ok. Thank you

I suggest IF making a google doc template, so for people who want to use google docs, they don’t have to be limited by edit limits,

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