Remove Default Glideslope from LOC Approaches

This might be a duplicate, but I couldn’t find anything, so if it is, please tell :)

Currently in IF, when you are doing a LOC approach, it has a glideslope with the 3.00° default, and when you use APPR, it still descends the aircraft for you on that glideslpe, even though IRL it isn’t like that.

My idea is pretty simple: Remove the default glideslope from LOC approaches, and when you click the APPR button the plane only does the aligning part and leaves the descent to the pilot.

u can tune into the ILS and change Source to NAV1 then press LNAV and disable VS and ALT

APPR is for the ILS, not LOC. There is a separate LOC mode in aircraft they use to follow a localizer approach, they don’t use APPR mode. Tune to whichever NAV you have the approach set as and use NAV mode like @feitidede said above.

Oh ok. I thought appr was used just without GS

My bad

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