Remove data tag when swiping flight strip away

What is the problem

When a controller wants to remove an aircraft from their flight strips the following will happen:

  • The aircraft will turn white on the radar screen.
  • The individual aircraft’s flight strip is removed from the flight strips.

What the problem is is that the data tag on radar screen stays even after swiping, and it creates clutter.

What I’m proposing

When a controller swipes to remove a flight strip the following should happen:

  • The aircraft will turn white on the radar screen.
  • The individual aircraft’s flight strip is removed from the flight strips.
  • The data tag is removed.

This way the data tag is removed but the white stays so the controller knows that aircraft is still on their frequency.

Sounds good and implementable, but I don’t think this makes controlling difficult. Maybe a bit cluttery in busy airspaces, I agree.

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I’ll let the approach controllers answer that, it does get in the way IMO.


Got my vote!

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Definitely got my vote! It honestly does irritate me. Hope to see this some time soon. 👍🏼

I voted but would like to see something like this.

Tap on an aircraft not on your frequency without sending him a message and the tag toggles on. Tap it again and it turns off. I find it’s a pain to have to keep tapping on someone that’s approaching your airport at FL200 to see if he’s descended into your airspace. This handles that case, and also handles your case! Tap on someone you’ve given freq change to, and his tag turns off. Tap it again and it turns on.

The difficulty I see with always turning it off on frequency change is with tower when you give freq change, but he stays at Pattern altitude. He could be coming back in, but with the tag off, you’ll miss the fact that he’s not climbing.

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I would prefere a small data tag just with the hight. If the airplan isn’t on my frequency or I swiped it out just the hight (maybe also the the speed?) is important. Just the hight without a line direct next to the aircraft

No, that would be quite useless. You can just click the aircraft and the data tag will show up again as it does now.

Why is it useless? I know that I can click on it and see all details, but if i click on another it removes.
So when I controll approach and have departure traffic crossing my inbound I have to check their height by clicking on it. Sometimes again and again. Also if someone is inbound and over 18,000 ft I have to check the aircraft again and again with clicking till it is in my airspace and I can onguard if necessary.

In my opinion it is usefull to see the hight of aircraft which are not on my frequency all the time, that I don’t have to click always on it.
We could just reduce it on the most important information. When it is not on my freq the callsign is useless because I can’t communicate, same for aircraft type due to the fact we‘re having different symbols.

If you’d need to see their information then just don’t swipe away their flight strip, that’s what I’m saying.

And I don’t talk only about swiped. I prefere @GHamsz solution.

What’s his solution?

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Even on Tower, This gets quite frustrating swiping them off when they are departing, and their info gets in the way of incoming/pattern flights, you have my vote!

Essentially the same thing, which is good. I don’t know which one I’d prefer, possibly @GHamsz solution would prove more beneficial on approach due to the fact that we rarely use the flight strips. I’ll probably edit my request soon to more match that idea.

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