Remove comma in ATC

For better ATC realism, please remove comma between instructions to get a faster atc message as real world.


singapore 116… runway 06 … cleared for take off



When you use my example… xD

Good idea… Make it read faster :P

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listen faster :)

sometimes in very busy frequencies, we have to wait 30 secondes between the sent command & and when Siri says it

I think it would all sound pretty strangely without commas…


Actually wait, could this problem be fixed on our side? If you say Siri is slow, then Samsung TTS is not, that means FDS can’t do anything as well…

yes it change in Siri

if you put comma, the voice pause until 0,5 s before start the next part of the phrase
if you remove comma, the voice say all the text without break. and more realistic, as real ATC

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This requires another workaround… Which FDS will have a headache…

In android phones you can adjust the speed

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Yep, in Settings under Accessibility there are text-to-speech options that let you adjust the rate.

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On iOS also but it doesnt affect IF

A good solution would be to increase speech rate. The only problem is (at least on iOS) that Siri sounds very aggressive when sped up. Maybe get a calm voice somehow? Idk, maybe some members can volunteer for speech recording

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I’m sure @Carson or @StikLover2 can give you a ton of reasons as to how this incorrect use of grammar won’t be good in Infinite Flight.


Precisely. You’d have a runoff sentence if there were no commas separating the main conjunctions. ;)


With a multinational user base, I do think that it is only fair for it to be slow. Many people won’t speak English as their first language and would struggle with

For that reason, slower speech is a necessity otherwise a queue would form from the slow reactions.


Wouldn’t it be in another language though? For example, If I download Infinite Flight from the German App Store with the device’s language set to German, and I connect to Live, would ATC commands come through in German or did Matt only write commands in English?

Someone outside the US, please advise!

It will be english(I think)

I have talking in DM with Matt,
He say the translation of the game is not planned yet.

The bar on the top of the screen tells you what your command is in yellow, right after the controller sends the command. I pay more attention to this than the verbal commands.


Also often waiting for the audio version of the message gets you in trouble when the lag is huge.