Remove cockpit windscreen dimming

On some aircraft, looking out the windscreen in cockpit view makes the outside world noticeably dimmer, as though the windows were tinted. This affects mostly GA aircraft (C172, C208, SR22) but also some commercial aircraft (CCX, B767, some others) although to a lesser degree. While not a pressing issue, it would be nice to have the windows be clearer. It helps with flying when it’s bright in the real world, and makes the aircraft feel more pleasant.

Some potential questions you might have:

Q: A whole feature request for such a trivial problem? Get your priorities in order.
A: However small, I think it will make the game better and lead to more people choosing to fly different aircraft. Imagine those beautiful Global views, looking out the side of a 172!

Q: I don’t believe you, the windows aren’t any dimmer. It’s that way on all the aircraft.
A: Enter cockpit mode on the 787 or C-130. When you switch from cockpit to HUD view, notice the only difference is whether there’s a cockpit in view or not. If you do this in a 208, you’ll see the outside world gets noticeably darker in the cockpit view as compared to the HUD.

Q: This isn’t realistic, the world through glass looks different from the world without glass.
A: Realism would be bugs or reflections. Some aircraft (mostly gliders, I believe) do have tinted canopies, but not these. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

Q: Tom, both you and this idea are stupid. Please take a hike.
A: I’m not forcing you to vote for it.

Q: When I go to a shoe store, what’s the name of the tool they use to size my foot?
A: Get back on topic! (It’s called a Brannock Device, if you were curious).

The dimming would probably be useful for sunsets in Global.


I don’t know about you, but I want my sunsets to be 4K Ultra quality. They will just look dark through a tinted window.


Thanks so much! I totally came to a aviation forum to learn about how they measure my shoes 😂
You learn something new everyday…


Do you think this also includes how you can’t see the landing/strobes of other aircraft while in the A32X Cockpits?

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It could be? My guess is that it’s an unrelated issue, but I don’t know enough about coding to say for certain.

A little light humor never hurt anybody! :)


I completely agree, and this is what keeps me from flying those despite me being a G.A finatic

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That problem affects every aircraft, it’s so annoying, it just so weird how it does it in the cockpit views.


Personally I quite like the windscreen dimming, but in the 208 and the ST22 it could be a tad less dim, especially if you’re night flying

Yeah I have a hard time using GA cockpits because of this. It’s always HUD I’ll use because of this.


I’d like to see this, it’s often difficult to see outside without raising brightness.

Ex. SR-22 v 787


Good picture, the Cirrus has such as a constricted cockpit view, it really doesn’t look good with the addition of dim windows.


I feel like the tint gives it more of a luxury feeling

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Personally, I think that you should be able to change how dim the windows should be, especially in bright and dark conditions

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Windscreen dimming isn’t too restrictive in planes that have a good view, i.e 787, 747, 777 etc. In those cases dimming is alright, but in GA aircraft, I think they should be removed or at least toned down a bit.

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Luxury feel is useless if you crash into a mountain because you can’t see


Thank you for the picture! I’d thought about including one, but am on mobile so I couldn’t. I appreciate it. It is often difficult to see, it’s like the screen is dimmer, so you have to waste battery on upping the brightness.

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Well you’ll be delighted to know these have been removed for the global build! Mark moaned enough about them to get them removed 🙃