Remove Cached Images

An option in settings to remove all the cached images on your device that are saved from Infinite Flight (eg. Livery Images, Region Images etc.). This would help save storage space.

You can keep pressing for a some seconds and you´ll have the option for deleting the image.

Thanks, I will try

Use the gallery or wherever your images/videos are viewed.

What do you mean? I want to delete the livery pictures in IF. Where do I press to delete them?

Oh! I thought you took screenshots! Next time turn off wifi, the images won´t download.

Yeah, but I want to delete the livery/region pictures that are already downloaded on IF.

If you have Android, go to the app administration page (on the phone) and tap on the clear cache. On my phone, they occupy 48KB, not much.

To be honest, you wouldn’t notice much improvement. The pictures are of a very low res and file size.

Ok, I think it might be worth a try

I have iOS

It should be almost the same process. But as carmalonso said, they weight too little to make an improvement on performance.

Ok, that’s fine then