Remove blockquotes

Just add </div> under the text you would like to be aligned in the middle. I would recommend checking the following topic and bookmarking it for future reference:



There are limits to what the formatting in discourse can do, some things work, some don’t. If you type what I’ve shown in the screenshot, it’ll give you the big text at the top of this reply. If you remove the > then it’ll give you big text without the grey background


Nicee got it and one more question instead of the long boxes like you showed me above. Cani change it to the ones where it’s just one box that fits the entire word ?

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Unfortunately I don’t believe so. The box will always cover the entire width of the post, I may be wrong but in my experience, it’s always been that way.

You can always get a little creative if you want to and use an image instead, it’s a little more effort but I think it can look pretty cool

If you look at this thread, it’s what I’ve done for all my headers. You just use the div align=center command again, insert the image then put it back to align=left and that way you can have whatever kind of background you want in any don’t. As I said, more effort but it looks pretty cool 🤷


No worries thanks for your teachings! Now I finally know at least how to start using it lol


If you want a smaller box like this one, use <kbd> and </kbd>

Thanks for the info Avioes! One more thing i would like to ask . Sorry for the questions lol If in this picture i want to make the title text bigger but not affect others to be bigger how do i position the Big text?

Try <big><kbd>Big text in the box</kbd></big>

Big text in the box

I stand corrected. Good spot!

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Do you mean something like this?

I think you just explained to me in your last comment. We posted at the same time lol

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You can also do

# <kbd> Hello!



Something like this is made like this:

Something <big>like</big> this

I’m pretty sure the question has now been solved, and we should ask for further help here

Mind if i ask what’s with the /kbd and /big at the end? Because at the front we already have big and kbd but whats with the /kbd and /big at the end?

The / means it ends. You cando cool stufflikethis using a series of <kbd> and </kbd>

<kbd>You can<kbd>do</kbd> cool <kbd>stuff<kbd>like</kbd>this</kbd></kbd>

Yeah I just figured out how to do it after 8 hours lol thanks to you all ! This is why i am always scared to make a ATC at home post

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Best of luck with that thread. I also recommend creating a self PM to test all the features of discourse, before posting your thread publicly. Let us know if you have any other questions!


It means if you dont type that it’ll assume it’s for the whole thread ? I noticed after i typed that only the titles are big bolded and in the box .

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