Remove being downgraded because of landings

So, There is the stat of landings in 90 days. Itself is fine but if you don’t do more than 20 as Grade 3 your get demoted for going inactive on IF. It would be easier if that is removed as it means you don’t need to work your way up every time. It will make everyone happier and it doesn’t pressure people who want to stay as grade 3.

The reason that is there though is due to the assumption of loosing skill. Many inactive people will loose skill over time and so may not be up to the expert sever standard. I believe that this requirement is there for this reason.

I do partially agree with you. I don’t have too much time for flying. Having to do T&Gs before every flight to get to expert doesn’t particularly make me feel like I want to fly when I do get the chance.
Although, I do definitely see why it’s there. My performance definitely has slipped over the last year while I’ve been less active. Not terrible, just small mistakes start creeping in.
I think maybe the requirement in the last 90 days should be lowered, but not removed. Just my too sense.

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While I do agree to a certain extent with you, I personally believe this is a safety thing especially for people who have lost skill in flying after inactivity. I’m sure that you wouldn’t wanna end up getting a level 2/3 violation for something you don’t remember being added or forgot to do. I don’t really consider it a problem, but more of a “Please don’t report me I didn’t know about this” Insurance policy haha.