Remove Autothrottle on the Dash 8 Q400

I was recently browsing some images of the autopilot panel on a Dash 8 Q400 when I made an observation:


Image Source

“Dash 8 Q400 FD/AP panel” by “Markusnl” on flickr.

Liscenced under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

There is no autothrottle control included on the panel! This prompted me to do further research, and I conclude that, as a factory new plane, the Q400 is not autothrottle equipped.



The Q400’s engines are Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150As, the latest in the well-established PW100 series, rated at 3,420kW (4,580shp) each for normal take-off conditions, with an emergency rating of 3,780kW if an engine failed during take-off. ¶ As well as FADEC (which does not include auto-throttle), the PW150A has an engine monitoring system (for maintenance purposes) and electric starter motors.

To keep the Q400 as accurate to real world operation in Infinite Flight, I propose that the feature is removed. Although it is nice and reduces workload, it isn’t realistic. While there is always the “you don’t have to use it” counter-argument (which is valid), I feel FDS should reconsider this currently implemented feature.

Thanks for reading. Please share your opinions on this feature request.

I think this could be used in a rework of the Dash 8 Q-400…

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A rework is not needed in my opinion. This is about the only thing I’ve found in error with the Q400. Besides, it was only added a few years ago.


Ok you’ve got a point. I just think it would be odd to just have 1 change…but hey, anything could happen!

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Ksisky, you bring up a good point. I feel that it is important to mention that all turboprops need their autothrottle removed wink turboprop change wink but good catch! Definitely deserves my vote!

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Its not just the Q400 that have incorrect autothrottle, the Cessna 172 and 208 aren’t supposed to have autothrottle as well as the Cirrus SR-22.

I see your point. However I think the devs might have done this on purpose. Yeah removing it would be realistic but having to balance the throttle during the phases of flight is a bit of a pain.

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We could just pretend its the first officer/copilot managing your speed while you fly the plane.

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I considered extending this request to other planes with autothrottle in IF, but as those models are not relitvly new, I decided against it, as it would likely be included in a rework.

I wouldn’t mind controlling the throttle manually on the dash 8.