Remove anchorage centre for Heathrow controllers

When selecting what frequency you wish to control at Lhr/Egll you can select anchorage centre as one of them.

This may be there for a reason and so correct me if I’m wrong but I think this was a mistake when making arc page by if.
This has been an issue for quite a few years now.

This isn’t just an issue with Heathrow. Oddly Anchorage Center is selectable from several European airports (I believe you can from LFPG off the top of my head).

I was controlling Amsterdam Center and Scottish Center earlier today, and I noticed that pretty much all the airports in Northern and Central England could control Anchorage Center, but not the neighbouring and much closer Scottish Center.

Had to control from an airport in the Netherlands to get both, which is silly

Somewhere like Norwich or Leeds should easily be able to get London, Amsterdam and Scottish centers

know taht you say it, I thought this was normal…

I wanna put this here too, it works perfectly as if you are controlling at PANC

I think it is because they have the same frequency (127.00) but I might be wrong

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You can control Anchorage Center from very many airports, which makes me confused

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