Remove Aerobatic Violations For Fighter Jets Near Air Bases

If you have ever been to a base irl before, then you know that the violation system for jets in IF is ridiculously sensitive and unnecessary. I personally live near NAS JRB Fort Worth and I have yet to see a takeoff that would comply with infinite flights regulations. I have gotten violations for doing something as simple as a 200kt carrier break or a 2g turn. The list goes on and on. I am in full support of the system for airliners, but having the same system for fighter jets goes directly against what they are made to do.

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I think everybody would love having that, but trolls do exist, and their main weapon are fighter jets, so granting them even more freedom would be catastrophic.

Simple Answer: Casual or Solo.


I’d like to see airshow events on the expert server that can be enforced a bit better.

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I agree that it will be easy to troll as a fighter if these violations are removed, but if the violations are removed only for military airbases, there ins’t really a problem, because Jets performing aerobatics near a military base is normal IRL, and it should be so in IF also.

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The amount of time it will take to locate and remove violations for every Air Base in the world is time consuming. In my opinion, we can just use casual server and let the developers work on more important features like Project Metal or aother aircraft.


Just a genuine question because I have honestly no idea: Is this actually something you would do at an airbase or rather only over unpopulated areas IRL?

this is the bottom line and it will not be changed that is why casual exists…

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Thanks for your input! We’ve discussed internally and will review all options. That said, I often fly fighters on the Expert Server and do overhead breaks, unrestricted climbs, and tight patterns without a single warning. Even fighters have limitations and it’s pretty manageable to fly at the edge of the envelop while maintaining control.

Additionally, fighters don’t do aerobatics at air bases regardless of the branch. During an air show there is a specific TFR and even then, it only occurs in an aero box.

These sorts of maneuvers are conducted in special use airspace, whether a MOA, restricted area, or firing area. I suspect you’d have no problem going wild in those designated areas because they are in fact isolated and away from airports in most instances.

Anyways, we’ll evaluate it’s sensitivity but I still believe some limitation should exist. Military aircraft don’t have free reign in real life and shouldn’t here. Cheers!


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