Remove 90 Day Topic Closure from the Features Category

Most of us know that every topic we create we has a 90 day closure date from the last reply. I understand the purpose of this rule is to keep topics on this forum current and it helps foster meaningful dialogue. I believe its a great tool for the forum to have, but I believe this should be removed from #features. I noticed recently one of my requests has been locked due to inactivity for 90 days (which I’m perfectly content with because its still there for the developers to see).

However, one of the forum rules (one that I see broken the most) call for no duplicate feature requests. Many people who are aware of this rule know about searching before posting. Let’s say a community member searches for a livery (for example), and the topic is closed due to being inactive for 90 days, where or how are they supposed to contribute to the topic? Does this give them a license to open a new topic (duplicate)?

I find that the 90 day window in this particular case would hinder meaningful topic discussion and contribution to the original topic. I know in some cases the original will be closed in favour of a duplicate that has been widely recognized, however, I do not believe there should be a time limit on features. In the end it would just result in more duplicates, and less contribution to the original thread, where in my opinion, ideas tend to flow and fosters great discussion.

Those are my two cents. Please leave you opinions below I’m interested in what you have to say :)


Fully agreed, Damian. It’s annoying to see this happen and I would also want it to be removed.


I agree too!


It is very annoying. I agree with you!


Total support!


It’s just created a mess…

…total support :)


That’s why I bump up my topics all the time. I totally agree on this one.


I believe this has been implemented. I do not see the message on “this topic will close 3 months after the last reply” message on topics within the #features category :)


Definitely needs to be removed from #features.


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