Removal of violations

Hi! So when I was out earlier today my brother was annoyed as I said I wouldn’t go to the park with him and turned my autopilot off causing my plane to crash with some over speed warnings… I was just wondering if I can get them removed?

Unlikely, however, you can contact the IFATC Appeals Team or a local friendly moderator. Someone like @Balloonchaser could help you. Who issued your violations?

It was just regular over speed ones as my plane plummeted and crashed as a result

Was this in Training Server?

When your operating in infinite flight, it’s your sole responsibility to look after your device. If it’s deemed acceptable by appeals, then your good to go. Just provide a replay.

Level 1 is automatic.

Hi! Feel free to send a message to @appeals and we will help you out. Make sure you have your replay on hand. 🙂

Ah. My bad.

It’s really a tough scenario, since appeals can’t really determine if it’s real or if it’s just another excuse (which has happened before). Unfortunately, life happens, brothers will be brothers, things like this will happen.

We can figure that out once we see the replay. We won’t make a judgement here


Alright messaged!

Handling via pm. Thanks all!