Removal of IOS Home Bar in Replay

Hey everybody, not sure where this belongs, but I was hoping to enquire about the removal of the IOS home bar that you drag on the bottom of the screen in replay mode. It kind of sucks when trying to take lower resolution screenshots or most importantly when attempting to screen record. Maybe someone knows a way to fix it, or is it a game side thing?

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Don’t quote me on this, but I think it’s a system overlay that’s there regardless of whether you want it or not

It’s a system overlay and it can be hidden with something as simple as this

override var prefersHomeIndicatorAutoHidden: Bool { return true }

But the problem is that this is Swift, a language by Apple for development for apple’s platforms. It might be more complicated or straight up not possible with C# and Xamarin, which is what Infinite Flight uses for development

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There are apps that can sort of “disable it”. Basically makes it more invisible and you have to swipe it twice to activate it. A lot of games do this so you can swipe the screen without worrying about closing the app.

Definitely an app-by-app thing though. I feel like IF may already do this though? I forget. If it doesn’t, then that’s something the devs can potential fix. If it does already, that’s basically the best solution since you can’t totally get rid of the bar

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Is the bar on iPad as well?

Yes, on the ones without the home button. However, it’s not as intrusive since you have a much larger screen

This can be easily hided via the “guided access” function, you can learn to enable it here:
Use Guided Access with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support

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