Remotest places on earth / From Fiji to Tuvalu

I took off from Nadi, Fiji and flew to Funafuti international airport in Tuvalu which is a scheduled flight of Fiji Airways.

The flight took about 3 hours and it was vast Pacific Ocean during the flight. Landing was fun but a little bit scary to land on atoll.

I did some research, Funafuti is the capital of the island nation of Tuvalu and I was thinking how it would feel to live in a tiny atoll in the middle of Pacific Ocean, not to mention thunderstorms and high waves.

Funafuti has a population of 6,320 inhabitants. The smallest islet in the atoll has only 50 inhabitants. Overall it was a nice experience.


Living on an Atol would help me realise how small I am compared to the world around.

Nothing at the horizon, compared to where I am surrounded by mountains, looks overwhelming to say the least.

Thanks for sharing

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