Remote Controlled Aircraft

Do you own a RC plane or helicopter? I’m interested in finding out the different models of RC aircraft people fly, the price range, size variation, and power (electric or fuel). If you fly RC aircraft please commen here; I’m eager to see who flies them and shares this interest!
Not sure if this goes in RWA Category or not; please move if needed.

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I fly small RC aircraft :)

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Same here:) Which the plane I fly actually isn’t that “small”. The wingspan is about my height.

I had the parrot drone 2.0. Kind of like a helicopter, but it crashed and broke:(

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Ah. I’ve crashed before, and spent $100 on replacement parts for my plane.

I had the*

(Correcting the grammar teacher is awesome :D)


Only fly in RC sim right now xD i actally want a drone :P

Considering a mini-drone.

Only have a small RC helicopter :/

What brand and model ? :)

No idea, sorry. It’s a rather old one I bought when I was younger, mainly for the fun of flying

Ok hehe :)

What about Parrot drone ? :)

If i not choose mini drone, i look at this one :P

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A have a small RC helicopter and a plane that can only fly in circles. :/

I know an RC club near me that fly proper big RC planes.

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Small Rc helicopter only $10 at kmart

Max Sez… I played with big drones when I was a kid back in the 60’s. It was an AQM-34 Ryan “Firebee” out of Danang. Project CHECO or Operation Buffalo Hunter. Caught the Drone on mission return in a hook and drogue set up hanging from an AF CH-3, if they missed the catch we retrieved the crashed bird and it film take via a UH-1N Chase.

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So it sounds like drones are very popular RC aircraft. Maybe I’ll look into purchasing one myself.

Thank you for the link :)