Remote Controll joystick for IPAD

Hello pilots !

. Just wondering if everyone holds their IPad and fly the planes and land them or are there any nice controllers of joysticks compatible with the IPads that can smoothly interact with IF application .

My iPad is a IPAD AIR 5th gen.

Thanks in advance


I use the PS5 DualSense Controller! Works like charm. It does turn off mid-flight though.


I do both. But if you wanna connect a joystick and you have a computer, download mapconnect v2 and buy any joystick (I would recommend joysticks from Thrustmaster or any other joystick under 150$), then connect that joystick with a USB cable to the computer, and Bluetooth connect the computer with your iPad (make sure they are in the same network) wiggle the joystick a bit around its axis for mapconnect v2 to recognise the joystick. Then adjust the axis to you wish and you’re good to go (read mapconnect v2 manual if you need help)


So can it be reconnected mid flight or before landing ?

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No, it can’t.

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