Remodelled A340

Alongside the 787, a “new” A340-600 should be considered.
Why this one instead of any other aircraft? Well, other aircraft at least have wheel wells.


I think besides the A321 and the 787 overhaul we can expect a few more in the future.
We have more aircraft that have been in the game for a while and need to be updated, maybe equipped with more liveries. Absolutely agreeing that the A346 needs a revamp.


I’ve got even more liveries on the Wishlist - that are in fact pretty awesome. Would love this A340-600 to be remodelled.


I agree with you guys


I would imagine a revamp of the A330 / A340 series would be done at the same time. Throw in the A330-200 and the NEOs and you have all the family.

But to be honest, I doubt it’s a high priority. The new generation jets like the 787 / A350 would probably make them more money.

And as we have seen with the Dash 8, the niche airplanes most of us overlook can be real successes.


I only would want this if we got more a330 and a340 family aircraft

I think its an aircraft that sorely needs a revamp, others are in a better state of completion.

Or at least some wheel wells.

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Of course they would make more money, because they´d be with Dash 8 standards. An A330/A340 with those standards would sell pretty well.

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I agree with you the newer jets make more money but wouldn’t the sales decrease for the A330/A340 standards

Not if they’re remodelled. Working cockpit levers, HD cockpit, wheel wells etc…
It would increase the sales.

I wouldn’t think so because people buy more for the experience of flying the plane rather than for the quality. Sure the quality would be great for the aircraft, but you wouldn’t see me buying an A340 because I think it has sexy wheel wells.

A remodelled A340 would include better physics, and a more accurate flight model. That would result in a much more comfortable flight experience. And a higher quality.

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I’m a huge A330/A340 fan. If the whole families came out (A332, A33F, A333, A342, A343, A345, A346) I’d consider using all of my money to purchase them.


I totally agree. But more regions before planes!

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The physics I would understand, but it’s not like anyone currently is boycotting the A340 because of its poor quality. Everyone who wants one has it now, and it would be pointless to wait for a remodel because why not have it now?

I have it now. But don’t use it.

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If the A330/A340 was updated, I’d like it.


Yes this is needed!

A remodelled A340 is a great idea. The 787 also needs a remodel, but so does the A340.