Reminders when talking to Tower

Hello! Recently when I have been controlling or flying patterns at active airports on the expert I have been seeing the same issues over and over again. So here we go!

Calling in to Tower

When calling in to tower, please ensure these things first: Are you within range? (25nm), Are you at the correct Altitude? (<10,000ft), Are you ready and prepared to talk to ATC? and Am I at an appropriate speed to be entering their airspace?(<250knts) Once all these boxes have been ticked, feel free to call in correctly.

Couldn’t be bothered to read? I got you covered:

Exiting the Runway

When you are told to exit the runway by ATC the command usually says: Insert Callsign exit runway left/right/when able and contact ground on the taxiway. Believe it or not the active runway is not a taxiway… amazing right! Cast your eyes below for a visual representation.

Still on the runway so not yet.

Although we’re close we are in fact still on the runway so not yet.

Finally, after what felt like forever. We made it! We are past the hold short line which means we are now on the taxiway and we shall contact ground.

As well as this, when ATC instructs you to expedite; you do so.
For those who don’t know what expedite means that is OK! When I first flew on the Expert Server I heard that and freaked out… I thought I knew everything there was. I guess not.




make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.

Basically, hurry up.

Reporting Position

If you are cleared to land and you still intend to land there is no need to tell ATC your position. Just focus on greasing on the assigned runway ;) If you have not received a clearance and you are relatively close to landing and and you think ATC has forgotten you, a friendly reminder of: Insert Callsign is on Final Runway 01 The only other time you would use this if you were doing patterns at the airport and you intend on stopping, show some courtesy to the controller and say: Insert Callsign is on Left Base Runway Runway 01 Full Stop Although not mandatory it just makes it easier for ATC to know your intentions.

All pretty simple right?

I understand the main culprits of these things probably aren’t on here but I think everyone on here time to time forgets some things so here is that reminder :) If you do your part correctly it’ll make it easier for us to make your flight more enjoyable!

Helpful links:

There is many more so just look through #atc


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This is an amazing topic Ash! I’ve had similar experiences with people calling in bound far too early and other stuff you mentioned.

I like this part very much. ;)


Love the effort in this one Ash!

I’ll be honest this was immediately me 😂, I did scroll right down to the picture.

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Cheers @infiniteflight_17 ! Glad you like it. Just saw enough of it in one session alone and went: “That’s it, it’s topic time!”

@Ecoops123 Thanks mate! It’s probably less of can’t be bothered to read and more of its just how you learn, not everyone likes ready long things.

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Amazing topic @Ash_Rand :)

I think this was well needed as a friendly reminder or a small refresher for pilots in the community!

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Or it’s just I’m on the IFC half asleep at 11:20pm 😂😴

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Cheers Luke!

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I totally agree. I get these things all the time. Props for making a topic again!

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