Reminder When Flying On The Expert Server

I have noticed that recently more than ever pilots on the expert server are parked up at terminal parking spaces or spots in general that require you to pushback, rather than request pushback they proceed to request a taxi clearance. This is not how you should be communicating with ATC and I suggest you refer to the many tutorials we have if you find yourself making that mistake. Request pushback and ideally line yourself up on the taxiway line then request Taxi clearance. Its basic stuff but when you have around 3-4 people doing it each session you can see that there is an issue.

(Note: you have no choice but to request for a taxi clearance if your aircraft does not have the ability to pushback and thats okay, continue doing that)

Just to add on, if you see an aircraft behind you, rather than requesting pushback and being told to hold position why not thank proactively and wait, its not helping anyone by asking for the clearance you know you won’t receive.

Below is an example of when not to request to taxi from parking instead of pushback:

Thats all, see you around on IF Live!


Pro*, you mean. 😉

Agreed, still see many people requesting taxi when they haven’t even pushbacked yet and some people need to be more aware of other aircraft when in the vicinity of an active airport.

Hmm, I was in a Cessna once in Düsseldorf and I request taxi because the 172 doesn’t have pushback but the ATC only said pushback approved, expect…

In the end I just let the wind push me back…


If you have such a plane you can try and find a gate that doesn’t need pushback


They probably didn’t notice you were in that certain aircraft.

@Captain_Zen Yes I agree, most airports have enough spots for smaller aircraft and chances are they won’t require a pushback.


Although it is hard in the current system to know wich space needs pushback or not. I mean if you know the airport ok but otherwise it’s hard to choose

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We sometimes really don’t have time to look at that. Today I was controlling LAX and the volume of traffic was so high that I didn’t have time to look at the aircraft type.


LiveFlight has airport charts that help you see this


Thanks didn’t know that!

VirtualHub has airport maps and charts too. You can see which gates/tarmac requires you to pushback. :)

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How ‘bout ‘em TS1ers finally making their debut on the Expert server… 😏

All jokes aside, people that choose to fly on the expert server need to do two things:

  • Read the description of the expert server on the server selection screen. You’ll noticed that it’s reserved for serious pilots.

  • Review the topics in #tutorials. There are many useful topics that cover just about all aspects of utilizing everything from ATC whether the airport has an active ATC or Unicom to reading a METAR. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the server, it’s features and operations. Don’t let the training server fool you in thinking you can do the same things or bad habits you may have created, on the expert server.


Yeah but the worst part is quite a few have been Grade 4’s, if they are impatient or don’t want to fly semi realistically then they should go back to the server they came from

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@Chatta290. MaxSez: If there at a marked (Painted Outline or yellow parking guide line) on the apron or terminal and they fail to request push, let them sit and rot!!!. I believe all airliners have push capability. (Pls ID the Liner that does not have push O Enlightend One)

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And remember: taxiing through terminal buildings is risking a ghost!

I find it quite amazing that the past ghosts I had to do, were all on Ground.
Ground control is not always easy when it’s busy, but we do take it serious.

Thanks @Chatta290 for posting this!


@azeeuwnl… MaxSez: Interesting observation my friend. What constitutes an operational surface, I note a shortage of solid yellow separation lines. What defines a building. I’ve been parked by the System in Black Squares without line markings which appear to be buildings! Is this an ATC Ghost quota plot? Do Tell?
Regards Ponyo…


Good point there mate! And @Captain_Zen made a comment in a similar direction.

Taxi lines are hard to see from Tower and indeed, sometimes it’s a bit of a guess where the building boundaries are. Room for improvement there.

Did someone say 3D buildings? 😋

It varies as some airport have obvious signs of how you should leave the gate, like if there is an aircraft facing you then use your brain and pushback or if there is a line in front as that’s obviously for a plane on the other side of the theoretical terminal building. It’s hard most people have no issue, if you are on doubt then I guess you could do either an let us decide. You won’t be ghosted for requesting to taxi instead of pushback so no harm done if you are genuinely confused. If someone were to taxi through a terminal we would use various commands and please follow instructions, in the end it ends up being the pilot who doesn’t follow multiple commands which makes it fine to ghost them. Earlier someone taxied though parking spaces, I used the command this isn’t a taxiway and he stopped. I told him to carry on as there isn’t anything he can do now but he should be aware and I got the I’m sorry message back, if it were a big area then I would make them stop and if they didn’t then ghost but yeah…I try to work with pilots as I myself could possibly find myself in similar situations. Waffles on a bit but yeah hope this clears some things up. Ground control is very tedious work sometimes so you have to watch traffic at all times on the ground using the tower views or free cam.

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