Reminder to expert server ATC

Reminder to expert server ATC

At Dubai OMDB, there are 2 roads behind the parking. If you look at the map you can see planes on the road so if someone wants to pushback you may think to press hold position, but you should check which road the plane is on. You can say pushback approved if the other plane is on the far road.
This happened to me many times the ATC told me to hold position but the other plane is on the far road.

Another reminder. If you go offline then people can continue playing the game and do not need to wait for ATC to come back online.
I taxied while the ATC went offline and when ATC came back online he said wait for permission before taxiing.


Hey there, thanks for the reminders, but for future reference, it would be better if you PMed the controller instead. The controller is @CaptainJam at the moment.


IFATC is a group of players who have to pass many tests in order to be able to control the Expert Server. It’s always a shame if you always get bad reviews. They always try hard to provide good service.

If you still had a problem with service at the respective airport, you can write to the controller. He will be happy to explain to you what he did. Alternatively, if it was a big problem, you can write to @moderators. But please have the replay ready.

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Hey there @GreatLeader! I would be very happy to discuss this. Just send me a PM and we’ll get it worked out!

Handle via PM :)