Reminder: Switching Frequencies Doesn't Fix Anything

While a lot of pilots that I see doing this don’t have connected IFC accounts and likely won’t see this, I’d like to put this out here anyway:

Switching frequencies to “escape” an instruction or a warning on Expert Server will not solve your problem. If anything it will make it worse.

IFATC functions so well because of its reliance on systems and communication. If a pilot is on a frequency they shouldn’t be, the controller they switched to will know - especially if you switch from Ground to Tower (or vice versa), because they are often controlled by the same person.

No pilot is perfect, and neither are any controllers. I know instructions can sometimes not be what you want to hear, and I know even more that hearing “Please follow instructions” can be gut-wrenching at times. But we aren’t out to get you, we’re trying to make sure everything gets done smoothly, efficiently, and safely. We just ask that you listen, because trying to dodge a controller will only work to lessen the amount of leniency we may feel obliged to extend.

Happy flying, see you all in the skies!


I literally saw this yesterday at Kobe. A pilot was told to hold position at the gate by Ground - they started to pushback. They were told to follow ATC instructions, but then they just switched to Tower frequency and push-backed anyway.

(I know this because I had just switched to Tower frequency at the time because I was waiting for the runway and heard Tower tell them to contact Ground again). I frankly just LOLed when I heard that…

Also Happy Anniversary @Cameron_Stone - 6 years!

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This may or not help your situation……

Let’s say you are inbound to an active ATC airport.

Long before it shows up on the comms panel as you get closer you can open your map and click the airport and around … well before 25 to around 30 ish nm or a lot further it will give the option to get ATIS… you’ll get the tower METAR and well, ATIS …. This won’t show up on your comms panel

That’s a start … it’s even available even before an approach controller on the comms panel ….

Well, then follow instructions lol

Jeez didn’t even know it had been that long, thanks!

Some aircraft simply don’t know the ATIS info, so you’re correct there, but even some that do end up in this situation too. There are also a variety of things that lead to this, apart from runway preference or pattern work (probably the two most common of the no-ATIS issues). Appreciate the input anyway, knowing the ATIS can never hurt!

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