Reminder should blink frequency tab

When you have multiple frequencies open, and a reminder fires on one of your frequencies, it would be nice if in addition to the flightstrip containing the green blinking rectangle, that the associated frequency tab also contained some indication that the reminder had fired.

ATC’s frequently open multiple frequencies. If you set a reminder on one frequency, then switch to a different frequency, you won’t be notified that the timer on the other frequency has fired. That’s what this feature would take care of. I’ll attach a video documenting the problem, and a pic showing how the proposal would work.

For some reason,my video won’t upload to YouTube, so here are two pics documenting the problem.

This pic shows a reminder that has fired on tower… note the green rectangle on the flightstrip.

I switched to ground, and there is no indication that the reminder has fired. Here’s where it would be nice if the tower frequency tab/button on the left side of the screen contained an indication that the reminder had fired. For example, a small green blinking circle or rectangle.

Voted for this! Would help make reminders more effective.


Also voted for this, you could have a green circle flash on the left side menu for that specific frequency. That way it would avoid blocking out an orange flash when someone requests something and it would also be easier to see notice if it was also flashing orange.


Awesome request Gary! I’m out of votes but this definitely has my support.

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Voted! This would be a great help to improve controlling quality on busy sessions.

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Edited the OP to reflect some of the changes suggested.

Had to go find a vote! This would be extremely helpful. Have definitely missed a reminder or two before due to this.


Absolutly in for that!!
Thanks for this request!

Voted! This would be nice

Voted, sounds good