Reminder on Showing Maturity When Assisting Others

Hey community,
I have seen a plethora of posts saying “make sure to hit the solution check!” or “make sure to hit the solution so the mods can close it!” While some of us users that have been here awhile are guilty of it including me, I am making this topic to help others.

Guys, stop!!

Jealousy for more and more solution marks for yourself is at a high peak right now and it needs to stop! Instead of saying,

“Make sure to hit that solution check!”, why don’t you say something along the lines of, “I’m glad I could assist you today! Have a nice day!”

It makes yourself look better, and not so much a hypocrite. If in fact you helped someone out today but they didn’t hit the solution check, just leave it be. Most likely they are newbies and will learn the various features of the IFC. Don’t pressure them into hitting the solution check. Additionally, mods will get to the topic, and will close it if deemed necessary.

solution checks aren’t the requirement to close a topic

I hope people can read this and look for ways to improve. Thanks to all who help others and don’t wish for a “solution check” every time they effectively assist someone.

Check out this topic made by the wonderful @schyllberg that demonstrates on how to properly assist people in #support




@Chief305 Take a look at the bottom of the first paragraph. I meant to type that earlier but forgot.

Great reminder.

A good way to keep our topics clean.

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And, may I add, that they can also mark yours as the solution. So if you actually had a good solution, they probably will mark it

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