Reminder on how to remove the dark box from sunset/sunrise HD screenshots + video


Malaysia Airlines A350 landing in Bogotá with the box glitch

Welcome! I’ve noticed, both in the screenshots and video category and in the loading screen submission thread on Discord that some people still take HD screenshots which contain the dreaded dark box. People may instead decide to take a screenshot via their device which means that the photo isn’t HD. For me, the box ruins the whole vibe of a photo so in this topic I will show you how to remove it with a video tutorial that I made.

This topic is pretty much just adding on to a topic that has been closed due to inactivity 😅

Why does it happen?

This topic by AvioesEJogos puts it quite well.

Time continues in that box whereas everywhere else, time has frozen which causes the contrast in lighting between the two sections in sunset/sunrise photos.

The time it takes for you to get your desired shot and lighting will probably be enough for the time in the box to advance so that the box will become noticeable.

How to fix it

The topic that I linked also has a solution but I also made a tutorial that you can watch which makes it a bit easier to understand

You may need to pause the video to read the text since it may be a bit fast-paced

Now you can post your pictures box-free 🤑🤑


Hopefully this topic can help you to get rid of the dark box and make your screenshots better. I would also like to remind people to take screenshots using IF’s HD Screenshot feature as the photo would look 100x better than if you were to do the screenshot yourself

(This topic may become obsolete when this bug is patched)


My man literally made a topic solely to link to my topic. 😂

Got to say, though, that video illustrates the solution perfectly. That’s precisely how I’ve been doing it ever since I figured what causes the glitch.