Reminder on How to Hold Short

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So after many releases of tutorials on how to hold short, still many people dont remember, or they are confused, so lets get ahead to Answer the question:-

Before we Start:-

What is Hold Short and do i need to do it?

Is a process were you wait behind a line on a taxiway lead to the Runway, usually Hold Short is For either Takeoff, Crossing Runway or Back Taxiing.

How Does the Hold Short looks Like?

Thick Black Line and Yellow Kind of Squares

What is the Purposes to Hold Short?

Is to wait an Aircraft to Clear the Runway after Takeoff, Landing, or Touch and Go.

NOW:- Where Should we "Hold Short"?
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As we can see, the Emirates B777 is Holding Short wrong, because part of the Airplane is infront of the Hold Short Line.

This Emirates 777 is doing a Good Job for Holding Short, Because No Inch is On or After the Hold Short Line, Which is What We Need! and you will never -__- get the Gold in Holding Short.

Sometimes I See a little Similar line and near to the Hold Short line, which one is the one i hold short at?

Please Do NOT mix up Between the Hold Short line and the ILS Line (I think…) Please Correct me if i am Wrong as the Difference will be Shown Below ¿

The Red is the ILS Line and the Green is the Hold Short Line.
So hold short At the Green-Highlighted Line.

NOTAM1 Please When telling you to Line Up and Wait means Something different than Holding Short, Lining Up means to Enter the Runway and Be ready to Takeoff but you wait for Clearence from TWR while Holding Short means to Stop Before HS Line.

IMPORTANT NOTAM2 Please when you are behind Aircraft/s holding short, Please DO NOT ANNOUNCE HOLD SHORT For Unicom nor ASKING FOR TAKEOFF From Tower UNTIL YOU BECOME THE 1ST ON THE HOLD SHORT LINE

Conclusion:- Holding Short line is a Thick line were you stop at it, it is Located on every taxiway leading to the Runway, you should not hold on it or After it, every inch of the Aircraft must be during Holding Short Behind the Holding Short Line, and dont mix up with other lines, in Addition to some Other NOTAMS That you need to Follow.

Any Questions/Corrections/extra info Please Post down or PM me.

Thank you for Paying Attention, and Catch you in the Skies! :)


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