Reminder on flagging guidelines

Recently the moderation team has noticed an increase in the number of unnecessary flags. I would like to remind you of the flagging guidelines which can be found in the A Beginners Guide to the Forum thread.

This forum uses a feature called flagging that all community members are able to use. The flagging feature is represented by the flag icon at the bottom of all replies. Moderators and Staff encourage the use of flags whenever you find a post that falls under one or more of the four (4) following categories:

  • Off-Topic
  • Inappropriate
  • Spam
  • Something Else (Custom)

In the image below, you will find the description of what each means. When you click on the flag icon as noted above, this is what will pop up on your screen. Here, you are presented five (5) different options. One (1) of the options gives will give you the opportunity to message the individual who’s post you have flagged. You can simply send them a kind message letting them know that what they posted may not exactly align to the current discussion at hand.


What’s the flagging process like?

Off-Topic, Inappropriate, & Spam are quick flags. Flagging this way will send a notification to the moderators. The moderator(s) will then review the flagged post and evaluate whether the post can stay as is or if it needs to be removed.

Something Else is a custom flag. When you select this flag as your flagging option, you will be greeted with a text field for you to type in a message that the moderators will read. This flag is to be used for a reason that the other 3 flagging options would not be appropriate for.

All flags will be reviewed by a member of the moderation team. If a flag was unnecessary, the post may be restored. Users who abuse flagging will be warned and continued abuse may result in forum suspension.

Helpful Tips:

  • Do not flag a post for closure if you notice a moderator and/or staff member working with the community member to resolve an issue…
  • Read the post in context A thread may look like it is off-topic but in reality it is a response to a question from above or part of a larger context. Please read the entire thread instead of taking the post out of context.
  • Discussion is healthy. This community encourages healthy discussion which may involve opinions in opposition to the topic at hand. These are allowed as long as it is respectful and within the forum rules and guidelines.
  • Do not flag a post for closure if a question was answered. Just because the question has been answered does not mean that it needs to be closed. There are cases when an individual may have follow up questions. The moderation team will close the thread if needed.
  • Do be respectful to your peers if you choose to message them through the flagging option at the top.
  • Help others by messaging them to offer assistance with group flight/event formatting or other thread issues instead of flagging. A little bit of friendly education can go a long way with new users to the community.
  • Do utilize the flagging feature instead of arguing . If you notice an argument breaking out in a topic, just flag the reply and move on. The moderators/staff will deal with them.
  • Do link duplicate topics in the “something else” flagging option. If you are flagging a topic because it is a duplicate of another current topic, copy and paste the URL of the older topic into the text field along with your message.

If you have a question on why your post was flagged, please feel free to reach out to a member of the moderation team. We are there to help and will help to identify why a post was flagged.

The IFC is a large community and the moderators and staff appreciate everyone’s continued help to keep the community well organized.



Thanks for making this, as many regulars have been annoyed with this.

I would also like to add that people are being very sensitive with flagging; one non serious topic awakened all the IFC’s minimods and they flagged it, with one going on to make several posts about how the topic “violated the community guidelines”. Also when a post has a curse word it doesn’t automatically make it worthy of flagging, depending on how it’s used. If it’s used to insult someone, then yes, that should be flagged. But if someone’s joking around or having fun, that does not need a flag.


Thanks for putting this out. I’ve seen an arising amount of unnecessary flags on the forum lately. Glad this was made. Hopefully the number of unnecessary flags goes down because of this topic. Thanks Chris! 😁

Really needed this guys

This should hopefully calm the ones who seem trigger-happy. Thanks for this much-needed clarification!


Thank you so much for this we really need a refresher on the flagging guidelines.

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Thanks for making this!


Thank you so much for creating this topic. Hopefully everyone’s minds are refreshed now…


I’ve seen an increase in flagging, hopefully this helps in making sure everyone knows when to use the flag feature :)

Thanks for this topic

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Thanks for putting this out. I have read a lot of topics where people get mad because they got flagged. Thank you infinite flight team!

Nice! Very helpful to keep this forum organized.

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Much needed, thank you Chris.

It’s really annoying when you get flagged for posting a On Topic post. I hope everyone reads this and stop flagging everything.


This is a really good guide great job

Thanks for notifying the community about this Chris - it really helps :)

I am partly responsible for the flagging issues. I do admit to flagging a fare bit. I hope I haven’t annoyed the mods. Sorry!

Thanks for expanding on this topic :)


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Thanks this helped a lot.

I want that “take action” button with the mallet.


Hmmm… i think some people should read this again…in a nice way :)


A’ight this should help me since I’ve annoyed the mods enough by flagging (Useful flags though), I only got a PM once when it was un-necessary