Reminder of the Advanced Server rules

Hey everyone,
thought I’d have to say this as I experience this more and more often.

If there is no ATC active on the Advanced Server it does not mean that you can act like on Free Flight Server.
I’ve seen many pilots doing what they want far far off from serious flying.

Here is a short quote from the Server description:
All rules strictly enforced on this server, served for serious players only.

And I feel like plenty users don’t understand an important word in this sentence, serious.
Today, EDDL, Advanced. I just landed on runway 05L and noticed a player with the callsign “Easy 996” reporting that he is on left downwind runway 05R, after that he corrected himself and said the was on left downwind 05L.
Actually, he was on final. But, okay, that’s not too bad yet.
But the thing is that there were two Dash 8s on final, one on 05L, one on 05R and Easy 996 came closer and closer to the DH8D on final, 05L. I thought he’d go around, but no, he maintained his speed until he landed and almost cought up with the Dash 8 when he landed, they were about 100 meters seperated and that’s simply nothing that belongs to the Advanced Server.
If you see that there’s a Dash 8 or another slow plane on final ahead of you, go around. If you don’t want to go around go to the Free Flight Server, nobody wants to see people like this on Advanced.
After that, Easy 996 crossed runway 05L (at least he said he’d do so), he actually crossed 05R without paying attention to inbound traffic. And there was traffic on short final, probably around 250ft AGL, a Singapore 777-300ER, which was a serious player and thus went around.
This is not the only time I’ve seen somebody acting like this on advanced, I probably have a few dozens times and I’m sick of it.
If you don’t feel like flying seriously you don’t belong to the Advanced Server, you belong to the Free Flight Server.

One last important thing:
If you see somebody acting like that, simply report them. That’s the easiest way of getting rid of these players when there’s no ATC active. And you’ll be glad you did, because who on earth wants nimrods flying around on the holy Advanced Server?

Thank you.


You’re welcome.


This needed to be said.
Thank you!


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Because it’s kuul duuuuh

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Absolutely agree.

I agree but I see a big flaw in the Advance Server. Anybody can join. Regardless of what everybody on the forums believes, most people will view IF as a game (don’t chew me out for saying it, I’m just telling you how it is). Especially the younger crowd, with a few exceptions. A lot of people just see a cool lookin flying game for 5 bucks and they could care less about the rules. Which is fine because it helps put a little extra dough in the devs pocket, but it hurts the people who want it to be realistic.

In order to weed those people off the Advance Server you would have to put requirements on above the Grade 3 stipulation. When somebody tries to join Advance for the first time it should send them a link here where they’ll be given a short 10 random question test regarding ATC knowledge and if they pass they’ll get a one time use password to open Advance.

It’s a pain in the butt, however the people who just “want to play” aren’t going to jump through those hoops when they have the PG already unlocked.


Wow! Really? I was expecting that considering today’s not-so-good traffic.

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Amen… say it again “serious players only”! I believe the devs should make the advanced server for grade 4 and 5 only. Im seeing to many rookies on advanced and they are no where near advanced, experienced or just know I.F. flight etiquette.


Haha you were sending Help Pages and Follow instructions left, right and center :p

Me too I’ve seen even today a lot of pilots land in the grass of KLAX

We’re talking about the Advanced Server.

I know that’s what I’m talking about

What? Really. It’s not been busy at all today there.

You said the right thing. Report report report. If people take the time to report users who aren’t following all the advanced server rules then I think we will start to see this kind offhand dwindle down.

This was well needed, I suggest posting this on IFFG too. A lot of players are free flight nimrods deep at heart and will let their inner nimrodness out when the threat of ghosting (ATC) disappeares lol

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Well said.

Yesterday on Advanced:

Was that in KSAN? Was there Approach?

LMFAO I saw that pilot flying around today…