Reminder of how to execute a Visual Approach with Approach Control

Over the last two days I’ve noticed a trend where users don’t know about reporting an airport in sight. Busy airports like klax and egll become difficult to manage if Appraoch has to keep watching you because you don’t click that little single button. As such here is a link to a video, no reading required, on how to execute a Visual Approach.

Please help ATC out and know what is expected from you when flying a visual and increase your enjoyment too.

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Is this for training server or expert server?

This is a very good reminder I mean it’ll help the ATC manage the airspace without hassle

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I should assume it’s for both

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The tutorial and reminder can be used by all pilots either on the Training Server, or Expert Server.

You are most common to encounter a visual approach when flying under the controller of IFATC Approach on the Expert Server, and it helps us out a lot if pilots know and understand how to execute a visual approach correctly.

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Declan is absolutely right, and we as controllers learn and fly the same thing so we know what’s going on for you too.

Adding to this;

This is the reason why I don’t allow visual approaches when traffic density goes high enough.
You’ll need to be more proactive when flying a visual approach. You don’t always need to be 2-5nm from the airport to report Airport in sight. You can see the airport even from 10-13nm of the airport (at a reasonable altitude which Approach controller will put you at).

When you’re asked to report airport in sight, position your cockpit camera to the airport’s direction,zoom a bit if ur eyesight isn’t good enough, once u see it, report and fly the approach yourself after being cleared. Don’t make the controller to vector ur eyes instead of aircraft.

Here’s a very nice example of where you can have airport in sight

Figure below shows the spots where a pilot can see the airport, positioned south of runway 27 at KSAN.

Picture Courtesy of ATCEG


Great display if when to report airport in sight which we as controllers will ask for and for the most part need to hear before we switch you to tower. We won’t switch you over to tower until you click that awesome little button.

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