Reminder: NOTAM For Gatwick

Reminder - NOTAM in effect at Gatwick (EGKK)

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that is planning on flying in or out of Gatwick (EGKK) this week. As we know Gatwick is the featured airport of the week and a NOTAM is currently in effect.

In case you weren’t aware the NOTAM states that Runway 08L/26R shouldn’t be used for landing and can be used as a taxiway. You also don’t require permission from ATC to taxi or to cross this runway, which I have seen multiple pilots ask for when controlling there this week.

It makes our jobs easier as controllers if you understand the NOTAM and procedure that we have in effect there this week.


Sorry if this is off topic but are we allowed to fly flights out of EGLL?

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Yes of course you are. This is in regards to the runway operation we have at Gatwick this week and runway 08L/26R being used as a taxiway.

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In case you weren’t aware, there’s a huge red ring around the airport for this NOTAM. How one can miss it, I don’t know.


Is there a specific reason for the NOTAM this week @Declan_O?

Basically, in real life 08L/26R is only used in emergencies as it is to close to 08R/26L for aircraft to maintain safe separation.

Since Gatwick is featured all week, I guess the staff want to please the realism police… (joking) so they introduced this NOTAM.


Oh sweet thanks I think it’s an awesome NOTAM to have especially adding realism to the game and ATC procedures

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Is there a max taxi speed in force on the 08L/26R?

Since it is meant to be used as a taxiway, I’m guessing 35kts as that is the maximum taxi speed on taxiways in game.

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There was a moderator (I think, callsign was purple, began with N and went something like N1-- ?) who just used 08L/26R as a taxiway and went to 60 knots so i assumed that was okay and followed behind at around the same speed. Will take note of this for the future. Thanks.

Yeah, you can go a little bit faster on the runway but make sure you always have the aircraft under control.


Hey Declon_O, can you message me and explain why I was ghosted from Gatwick?

Sure thing. I’ll message you when I am finished controlling.

Just going to bump this again as I’m controlling there now. I’ve been here 20 minutes and already had 3 or 4 pilots asking to cross or takeoff from Runway 26R.

There is a big red circle around the airport called a NOTAM. Please make sure you read it.


Quick question in regards to using the out-of-use runway as a taxiway - would we keep strobes on in reality here - or turn them off and treat it exactly like any other taxiway?


I believe turning strobes off and using it as a normal taxiway is the way to go. The only real reason that aircraft have strobes on during flight and for crossing a runway is for extra visibility.

Since no aircraft are landing on 26R or 08L this week whilst the NOTAM is active, I would treat it like a normal taxiway and keep strobes off.


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