Reminder: North America Daylight Saving Time Commencement

Hello, hope this finds you all well.

Daylight Savings Time will be starting in North America on Sunday, March 12, 2017. Because of this, this will affect the ZULU times primarily used for Infinite Flight events.

Every time zone in North America will move one hour forward.

Below are a few cities that are in the listed time zones. Try to lineup your city with one of these or simply look up a time zone map:

UTC/ZULU -9 → UTC/ZULU -8 (Anchorage, AK)
UTC/ZULU -8 → UTC/ZULU -7 (Los Angeles, CA / Vancouver, BC)
UTC/ZULU -7 → UTC/ZULU -6 (Denver, CO / Calgary, AB)
UTC/ZULU -6 → UTC/ZULU -5 (Chicago, IL / Winnipeg, MB)
UTC/ZULU -5 → UTC/ZULU -4 (New York, NY / Toronto, ON)
UTC/ZULU -4 → UTC/ZULU -3 (Halifax, NS)

These changes will be in effect until EU Daylight Savings begins which is on March 26.


Remember- Hawaii will not be following DST, same with AZ.

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No I loose a hour of sleep well gues I get 4 hours of sleep instead of 5


If hurt when I had to get up early for church this morning.


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