Reminder for pilots!

Heyy everyone. I have some 16 violations and all are for overspeeding while landing because i sometimes forget to slow down my speed below 10K feet. I also got to know that this has happened to many pilots. I would like to request a feature like a reminder to the pilots that can be enabled by the pilots on ground and set so that when they set some altitude like 11K or 12K feet then the system can remind them that the pilot needs to lower the speed. With VNAV being used mostly by all pilots for landing, it is better that such system is implemented which will remind the pilot when to slow down and help the pilot with a smooth, violation free approach. Thank You!!

While this is a very interesting and good idea, it is the pilot’s job to monitor the speed and rate of descent. I understand how frustrating this is to pilots when they receive up to 5 violations per flight (Trust me, I have been there 😅) when they do not slow down. This is why it is important to pay attention to the flight at all times, especially during descent.



We currently do have a reminder in place. This comes in the form of an visual warning when you exceed 260kts when at or below 10,000ft. Because this is a critical phase of flight, pilots should be at their device and paying attention to their aircraft. A reminder with these circumstances is not needed given what we already have in place.

Thanks for the suggestion!