Reminder for FR24

In the Flightradar24 topics don’t forget to turn off the location dot thing bc that can tell ppl where you live. Sometime exact addresses. And I’ve found out multiple addresses just bc of that and you don’t want that to get in the wrong hands. So just turn that off.


Is understandable your topic. I think that They can just simply go to another place if they don’t know how to turn off the location.

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So your fine with telling 40,000 ppl your address go head

it ain’t that deep 🥴

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It’s kind of hard to find unless you’re looking for it… anyways, this is a nice PSA. I’ve done this a few times and corrected it afterwards, but it’s scary knowing you could have just given away your address.


I mean, they may don’t know the exact location. If you put the map on a big scale… However, I agree that we shouldn’t share our location too, for our safety. Still a nice reminder :)

Yeah imo having your location in your IFC profile basically defeats the purpose of this post since most people’s screenshots are quite zoomed out so the location shown really doesn’t pin point where you actually are

Still, a good reminder to people if they are uncomfortable with having their location known


That’s what I mean.

Some ppl zoom in a lot can I can find exactly where some hauses are. And with google maps 3D thing you can see what they loo like. The ifc only has what city not house or neighborhood

Exactly bad ppl could loook and just got
The person shows and do bad things idk. There are ppl liken that in this world

The lack of online security awareness in this thread is shocking. People aren’t always who they seem.

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I have a question…

There’s images that you can’t zoom in. What happens in this case?

I have a question for you, @Airnico_9962_on_YT. Why are you zooming in on these images and finding other people’s addresses? First of all, it’s extremely creepy and malicious of you to purposefully zoom in on these images and try to find other people’s locations. Second of all, it would take a very high level of skill and precision to find someone’s exact address from a flight tracking software, so you would’ve had to have examined it extremely closely. And, are you doing this with the poster’s authorization?


Please make yourself aware of the potential danger of people on the internet. Sure, the risk may be lower here than any other forum, or website, but you’re disregard for basic internet safety is rather concerning.

Yeah, I realized that Zach. I know about that

I’m not saying that I do it I’m just saying that I ppl zoom in on plane and say “this just flew right over my house and the just have that blue dot with there’d address right there.

1st at all, do it yourself, then set that reminder

FR24 doesn’t show street names unless you are extremely zoomed in, and frankly, the blue dot isn’t always accurate in the first place. Honestly, if someone posts something with their dot on it, don’t worry about it. They decided to do it without double checking, it’s none of your beeswax to be investigating it. It just shows that you’re hungry for other people’s addresses, to be honest.

I don’t think he’s trying to find where people live, he’s just reminding people to turn their location off for their personal security.

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I agree with Cooper. I don’t see bad intentions. But is the internet and we have to be aware all times, including in this forum