Reminder: EU Daylight Saving Times terminating this weekend!

It doesn’t mean that if you are in an Australian VA, you are Australian.

Sydney is a lot fun too

No I live in the US

He lives in the airport, if you break in at night you can see him sleeping or breaking into Maccas

Who lives at the airport??

I don’t see New York USA on there, is this just for countries that have daylight savings day today?

@anon31652286 Still find it weird that Brisbane doesn’t have daylight savings

New York is on there. :)

In USA, daylight savings ends on November 6th (next weekend).

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In EU is always the same,last Sunday of October amd last Sunday of March

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How did I miss that😂

Didn’t see LA. Well like I will remember to do so.

Thanks, but it’s still daylight saving time here in Toronto, and Halifax, and I could keep going on and on.

#In the US & Canada, daylight saving time continues until the first Sunday in November, the original information is obsolete.

We don’t do daylight savings here in China. I find it confusing

So what difference would be in the time 😅😅😅

Israel also changes to standard time.

This doesn’t fit into the Live category.

It sure does.
Daylight Savings affect Zulu times, and Zulu time is an essential element in Infinite Flight Live.


No it doesn’t, Zulu time is always constant